Perspectives from students

This is definitely the first English class I will miss. Thank you for creating a thoroughly enjoyable writing class, even for a math and science guy.

Based on what I took away from each article, I now understand the effect my passions have on my perception.

~ Noah C.

What I found to be surprising during this course was how open and expressive sensitive or muted topics can be discussed. I found this helpful as it is not discussed this way in the real world without controversy.

Having this platform to learn more about the background of our region while being able to participate freely and respectfully is great.

~ Chenika T.

Assignments are easy to follow and understand. Sometimes the discussions make me think a bit deeper than what I would normally think of them. Still, that is a good thing in my point of view.

~ Vanessa M.

PHENOMENAL topic this week! I have been a numbers guy personally and career-wise for most of a decade, and I wish more people were aware of how easily numbers can be altered and construed.

I like how structured this class is. I really appreciate all of the reference material that you post.

~ Paul K.

I have enjoyed this course so far! I like how organized this course and assignments are. The articles were very interesting to read.

~ Genesis C.

I am a better writer after this class.

~ Nicholas B.

The directions are simple and easy to understand what to do. But, the word is HARD.

I do want to say that you are a good instructor. You worked the DOG out of us….lol…..but we learned a lot. And, that is why I am in school-to work, learn, and grow. Thank you.

~ Sharon C.

An amazing class that I genuinely enjoyed—or as much as one can enjoy a writing class ;).

~Brittany G.

I appreciate the freedom we have in our discussion forums to openly express opinions; it makes this class all the more interesting to someone like me who isn’t a traditionally great writer.

~ Bradley S.

I like the way you explain on your announcements what and how to complete the week assignments; it is very helpful for me since I do not sleep much because I work third shift and I also try to keep up with my kids school. But so far I am loving your class. Thank you for the good instructions, samples, and feedback.

~ Denise L.

This class has helped me evaluate what my strengths and weaknesses are writing wise. Unique and unfamiliar topics are more of a challenge to write on, but overall it helps me.

~ Marlee B.

I have been surprised by all the content provided for the class; all the extra resources and information that is provided has really helped to enhance the class.

~ Jennifer H.

I am highly satisfied with this course so far and I cannot express that enough! The layout and the setup of this course is so easy to navigate and understand what needs to be done and when the due dates are.

~ Amber H.

Thank you for always having extremely clear instructions for everything! A lot of my other classes tend to be a maze of sub-pages and external links just to figure out what the homework is.

~ Ethan F.

I love the way that Mrs. Hall keeps it interesting week to week.

~ Jenny D.

I like that we have checkpoints. Thank you for allowing us to check in once in a while.

~ Jacqueline A.

I’ve learned so much in this class!

~ Justin S.

I have really started to enjoy sitting down and doing our reading’s. Being able to do our discussion boards is fun to me, gets me thinking about tings I can write about!

~ Caroline M.

The only class I am excited about everyday.

~ Madison S.

Definitely my favorite course this semester!

~ Delicia Z.